Friday, December 30, 2011

What An Eleven

Me in 11 points:
I'm acro and claustrophobia
Love drawing since kindergarten times
Noodle is my favorite meal
Family person
Currently idolize Raisa Andriana as female singer
Couch potato
Jazz and blues enthusiast
Often mistaken as a kiddy, though in fact I'm childish.
Feeling that I'm the twin of Greyson Chance
I eat chocolate a day
A loner and taciturn

11 answers for Timmy:
Which one do you prefer: Breakfast/ Brunch/ Lunch/ Dinner?
If you could choose one another planet to live on, what would it be? Why?
Supposedly, saturn. Actually I'm curious how does the ring look like :p
Imagine you're a front man of a band, what would you name yours?
The Missing Cord
What do you think about the issues telling that the top secret section of US government is keeping contact with the alien-being?
That's a bit freakin stupid. But everything's somehow possible.
What is your favorite scent?
What is your ideal local public transportation?
Anything, but the important point is free of jam.
How do you define your life in a movie title?
Life As We Know It
What is your favorite Christmas carol?
I'm moslem btw :)
What will you name your future child (if he's a boy)?
What will you name your future child (if she's a girl)?
Are you enjoying this?
Yes but I hope this is for the last.

11 questions for the tagged!:
What's to be your resolution welcoming the new year?
If only given a chance to be someone else, whom will you be?
Where will you take place for your future wedding?
What song you set as ringtone in your cellphone?
Whose song is that?
Starbucks or Coffee Bean?
What is actually on your mind right now?
How do you describe yourself in 3 words?
When did the last time you do bed-wetting?
Who is becoming your inspiration? Why him/her?
What's your opinion about K-Pop?

Tag alert!: Aini, Erma, Firda, Fadhila, Handito, Ika, Miranti, Santhy, Stephanie, Tyas, Aprisia