Monday, October 24, 2011

Silent Symphony


Sometimes we just feel silent is the best way to face the some-say. Many of 'em probably ain't known yet who you really are.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Routines (Should Not) Kill Creativity

Being a blogger is an obsession and decision. The real blogger is one who writes consistently in fair quality writing. Can spread ideas, inspirations or even make the readers happy.

I myself, really love blogging many tons. I never feel even a wee bit bored to post on the blog. It's like I find the new joy inside of it. So what's the problem? The problem is, routines. Blogger is definitely not a primary profession, therefore, bloggers are impossible to take care their blogs throughout the whole day. There must be something else that busied by bloggers. As an academician, I'm quite troubled with it. Most of my time in a week devoted to lecture things. I leave for college in very early morning and return in late afternoon. Once get home, assignments are waiting to be done. And so it on. Just like a cycle.

Among of daily business and denseness of time that is up to me, I certainly don't have a proper time to post on blog. However, in a day I always take time as much as I have to visit my blog. Replying comments and to thank the readers. I am truly saddened by this. It was like disappointing those readers who've been waiting a long time for a new blog post.

But this is called consequences. As a man, I should be multitasking, doing things quickly and precisely. But for me this is hard. Even just to draw, it takes me many hours in front of computer. This reminds me of Evita Nuh. Did you know her current age? She's still very very young but she can be so famous in the blogosphere. It's very contrast to me. In the age of Evita, I probably still love to play around with schoolmates. But Evita is different, she took a very early start to be a famous blogger as now. And although she is currently in school times, but she can post articles that are all highly qualified.

Actually, if traced further, success is better started early, so when we grow up we're already with a good image and it helps us in profession matter. And I think I'm still not too late :).
So the point is, business is a good thing. Train us to be a productive and useful. Once business comes to us, it doesn't mean stopping creativity but only delaying. Trust me, everything requires a process. The important is, how we stay focus and steady on our field. That's why we need to have priority scale. I've been saying it.

Note: For the tote bag in my last post, I'm in a process doing it. I've got several name of printing place then I'll choose the best and affordable one. Very sorry, I'm likely sluggish, but be patient guys..

Friday, October 14, 2011

Us Time

Even just a little step, we can make it better.

From left to right: Edmund, Edward, Tiff, Alfred, Lucas

This will be printed on tote bag in few more days. Be the first to have it!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Riding Paralophus

Hellooo all..! I return! ;p


Adios, have a great weekend pals! :)
and happy October!