Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cake from Wilbur's

Uh, it's been 4 months that I'm not without Putih. And 4 months I haven't made any illustration yet. Since that time, I tend to go back with manual drawings. Yeah, manual. This is quite hard for me doing it again after been so long ago when I was in a hi-school....


But at some points, I just found manual drawings so interesting. That's because I can freely express what I am gonna draw without having to depend on the 'tools' which are often used in making illustration digitally with such softwares. Boundary-less.


Anyways..I'm so happy that my auntie just came back from her hajj in Saudi Arabia and brought me this.....


She really understands me. xx

Saturday, August 3, 2013

This Time I Wanna Spill My Guts

Hello, dear readers...

Well I....actually am not gonna post any illustrations this time. Very sorry. Not that I'm lazy making illustrations, too busy (I'm indeed, but not the matter of), or something crap. But because of my laptop. Been stolen.

Okay, I think blog is not all about displaying portfolios, journals, pictures, and everything in between. We-the-bloggers create blogs in the purpose of people gonna read our writings, rite? So it means a two-way-communication. We share things and thoughts each other. And haven't you ever heard, "A good listener tries to understand what the other person's saying"? In here you can be the good 'reader'. You can be it? Oh good! :D
Twenty thirteen is the hardest year for me, by far. To be the final-year-student is not an easy role for sure. I feel that I've reached the top of my complexity in life. Doing the research, the report script, and tons of ongoing revision. Ugh. Even so, I never thought I’d neglect my blog. I knew I’ve been missing for weeks, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care. Every night after I did my assignment, I started to finish my illustration. I really really wanted to post it immediately, but it was always like it never be finished due to the little time I only took and drowsiness that was creeping up on me. But I enjoyed to work on my illustration rather than doing assignment. It made me happier.
Just until the day of Wednesday, July 31st, when my illustration was about 70% completed, the story began. I came to the campus for a guidance with my (dearest) lecturer. I put my backpack containing my laptop (I called it ‘Putih’. Putih means ‘white’) down in the place I guessed it was safe. Then I left it to the lecturer room which is next to ‘the place’. Sitting, waiting for my turn. Not long after that, a friend of mine came toward the room, panickly asking everyone inside if they see his backpack he left in the place I also put mine. No one knew. Bad feelings in me.
I ran to check my backpack out. I found it opened without Putih inside and realized it has already gone. I felt the world is gonna be over. Fortunately I still have the copy of my assignment in my USB flash. But not for my artworks. They were gone with all the softwares I used to use for making ‘em. And can you imagine a blogger without laptop/PC? It’s like a guitarist without a guitar, driver without the steering wheel, Harry Potter without his wand. These below are the picture of Putih. As you can see, it’s white.


Since Putih was gone, I become spiritless in making illustration (and blogging). It seems so hard for me starting it all over again from the zero. Then I thought about the man who stole Putih, how could this person be so selfish… taking away the rights of others. What if he were in my position? What he would probably feel? Anyway, I hope we guys don’t belong to the group of the people like him. Rude. And to you, my dear Putih, I hope you’ll end up in the right hand, a person who loves and cares you even better than me. Good bye Putih, thanks for being around me for over these past 3 years.

Oh yes, I’m now using the laptop of my friend, her name is Mila. Thank you Mila for lending me yours, you’re so kind :-).