Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lucas Meets Gendis in Lalaland

Is there any of you guys knowing Lala Bohang? She's one of the most talented artist (esp. in illustration) in Indonesia. And fyi, I'm now officially her very, very big fanatic!;p For you who curious, you've got to check her blog and enjoy her masterpiece of artworks.


So guys, I tried to draw Gendis as seen above. Gendis is Lala's very owned character. But this isn't such a plagiarism. I purposely drew it for her.
Somehow, drawing black & white isn't that easy. If you're a very thorough person, you should have found several mistakes I did in above artwork. Perhaps, only Lala Bohang mastered this style of art.


Dewi Isn said...

I think Lala will be pleased seeing this artwork. Anyway I'm her big fan, too. :))

Anonymous said...

Finally the original version :)
I put your illustration in this page ( hope you don't mind :)

Pandu Aditya said...

My Dear! Is it really Lala Bohang!?
Of course it doesn't miiind..! :D
Thank you tons! Hehe