Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucas & The Giant Beanstalk


Okay, my exam is already over. Very happy to meet you again..:) How are you guys? I'm really sorry for being lost this long.
I was trying to fix my sleeping hours after been ruined by exam. Think how I only slept for 3 hours a day during the exam weeks and it was literally annoying.
Sleeping is one of my favorite activity. It's such a thing I always wait in a day for. You know whyyy?? Well, I just think that sleeping is the only access to activate the dream machine. Yes, I love dreaming. Dreaming can take me away in world of....I don't even know where it takes place, but kindly wonderful!
Dreaming can boost my mood up to get through the day. And fyi, some of my artworks are inspired by my dreams ;p


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