Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Transmission Forwarded

"Surf Your Mind"

Design above is one I have sent to a Design T-Shirt competition from Quiksilver. This was the poster.

I purposely posted it just now 'cause I was afraid someone would copy my design and send it for the competition. Anyway, this is the complete look...

By the way, did you also join?

...I was wondering how if I win out the competition... Then I'll be taken off to Aussie, and have a chance to study there. It's like a dream comes true.

I know it goes over, but one thing I can be sure of is.. Everybody have the same opportunity to win. All I have to do is pray. May Allah SWT grant my wish. Amin Allahuma Amin :)


Grecia Natalie Liem said...

good luck! I hope one day you could reach your dreams :)
you have a good artworks. wish you luck Pandu :)

Pandu Aditya said...

Waah.. :D
Thank you so very much

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I hope you win! I've been looking through all your artwork and its brilliant! I actually saw the competition awhile ago and really wanted to enter but the problem is that I live in Australia at the moment, haha.

Again, good luck! Keep being amazing.