Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Invitation Card (Part 2)

For the behind page, at first you just do the same thing as front page. Put a background image (notebook paper) on your new document. To make it colorful, add a sub-background image. I used a jeans cloth.

Yup, now give some accent (zipper) to make it scrap-styled.

For the content, just type down the words you want to invite your friend, you can also add the place and time. Fyi, make it simple but clear to understand.

Put a cake on top-right to fill the blank space. You can make it as good as you want.

Last but not least, include the dress code. I styled it as a sticky note.

Now you already have a good invitation card. That's all the tips, I hope it'll be useful :)
PS: For every accent which is not given, you may get it by googling.